The old kettle brought the Briton one million

The old kettle brought the Briton one million

The expert accidentally noticed an object that was inconspicuously standing on the shelf. Taking it in his hands, he saw the characteristic seal, which was put in the manufacture of dishes for Chinese emperors.
A resident of the English county of Dorset sold an old kettle, which for years was dusted on his shelf, for more than one million pounds, writes The Mirror.

The man invited an art expert from Duke’s Auctioneers auction house to his house to appreciate the other items he had.

The specialist noticed the kettle on the shelf and asked to show it. And, seeing the characteristic blue seal on the subject, took the subject for detailed examination. It turned out that the kettle is a valuable antique product. It was made in person for the Chinese Emperor Qianlong between 1735 and 1796.

The find was put up for auction, where it was purchased for 1.04 million pounds. Recall that the Briton bought an old vase at the flea market for one pound, and sold it for a substantial sum.

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