The package arrived in Canada, which he ordered eight years ago

By | May 27, 2020
The package arrived in Canada, which he ordered eight years ago

The package was very puzzling to the young man because he did not remember what and when he could order by mail.

Elliot Bernstein, a resident of Canadian Toronto, received a package that he ordered eight years ago. Inside was a styling tool for hair. It is reported by UPI.

It is reported that the postal officer left the parcel on the doorstep of the house, which puzzled a young man who could not remember what and when he ordered. Then Berinstein recalled how in 2012 he bought a tube of styling products from the company that never came to him.

When Elliot opened the box, he discovered that every tool and account dated 2012. The Canadian did not begin to use the received product since the product has expired.

“When I opened the remedy, it was bright yellow, and I googled it and found out that it should have been white, so I didn’t use it,” explained the man, who also had a short haircut during the coronavirus pandemic.

Representatives of the Canadian Post assured that they would investigate this case.

“This is a unique situation and we can only guess what happened,” a spokesman said.

Earlier in Warsaw, six Ukrainians were detained who are suspected of stealing parcels with valuable items.

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