The parrot will testify in court on the murder of the mistress

By | May 28, 2020
The parrot will testify in court on the murder of the mistress

In Argentina, a court decided to interrogate a parrot in a murder case,
The incident occurred in Buenos Aires. In 2018, 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo, who rented a room to three men, was raped and brutally murdered. Two of its tenants became suspects in the case – 51-year-old Miguel Saturinho Rolon and 62-year-old Jorge Raul Alvarez. The third man had an alibi.
Toledo’s body was discovered on the floor. The deceased was without clothes, and her corpse was full of bruises. There was also a birdcage in this room.
The police believe that the parrot clearly heard and remembered the last words of its murdered mistress. This was confirmed by the woman’s neighbor. He said that the bird regularly repeated the same phrase: “Why did you hit me.”
In France, an elderly couple sued the rooster and its mistress. The plaintiffs demanded compensation from the mistress of a bird named Maurice in the number of thousands of euros for noise. Their lawyer said that his clients do not live in rural areas, but in a zone with suburban mansions. In 2019, the trial ended in favor of the accused. The court decided that the Rooster could continue to crow on the island of Oleron.
The showdown between the neighbors and the rooster lasted several years. In 2017, neighbors dissatisfied with the noise already demanded to stop the early cries of the bird, but then two petitions were created in support of the owner Maurice, which were signed by almost 155 thousand people.

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