The Perseverance rover has discovered something strange on Mars

The Perseverance rover has discovered something strange on Mars

The American Mars 2020 mission has now become one of the most discussed topics on the Internet and in print media. People expect a lot from the rover and do not agree on less than a sensation. Actually, no one doubts that the information received by the rover will be able to shed light on the mysteries of the Red Planet. The very fact of the presence on Mars of a mechanism sent by mankind speaks of great progress in the development of terrestrial technologies.

However, there are those who are ready to see some hidden meaning in the mission. These are people who consider conspiracy theories to be real. For them, such activity of American NASA was a real gift. They looked for a reason for hysteria in events of a smaller scale. Now their fervent minds are trying to find something in the mission that is carefully hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. And, we must pay tribute to them, they find!

Their attention, as one would expect, was attracted by the photographs taken by the rover’s camera and transmitted to Earth. Some of the images are in the public domain. Photos are interesting not only because they survey the Martian landscapes, but also because their resolution is relatively high. It was on them that “big-eyed researchers of secrets” discovered something strange. More precisely, they have already identified mysterious objects.

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There is indeed something strange in the background of one of the photographs. If you give free rein to your imagination, the object seems metallic and artificial. Thus, the conclusion suggests itself that the rover was specially planted in a place close to anomalous objects. However, “advocates of truth” forget that NASA employs quite adequate and competent people who would hardly allow themselves to lay out something that is a secret for everyone to see.

It is likely that the captured “something” is a fragment of the descent module’s thermal protection. However, ufologists disagree – on the official NASA map, this debris are located in other points. What is it then?