The President of Austria dismissed the government of Kurtz, destroying the 74-year balance

Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen implemented the decision on the resignation of the government of Kurtz, announced earlier. In fact, he destroyed the 74-year balance, because the resignation of the Chancellor in such a rigid way was not observed during this time in Austria.

On the eve of the Austrian President, van der Bellen announced the date of resignation of the government of Sebastian Kurtz. Today, the decision has already been implemented.

“As part of this process, I will empower Vice-Chancellor Hartwig Leger to lead the Federal Chancellor’s office and to preside over the interim government,” the President added.

Recall that the Austrian Parliament for the first time in the last 74 years took an unprecedented step, removing from the post of Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz. The decision of the National Council of the country, which passed a vote of no confidence in the government and the Chancellor, was supported by 120 MPs.

The political crisis in Austria occurred after the publication of a video from Ibiza, where the leader of the Austrian freedom party (APS) Heinz-Christian stache and his assistant Johann Gudenus allegedly held talks with a relative of the “Russian oligarch” interested in buying a stake in the newspaper Kronen Zeitung. In exchange, she promised to help in the elections in October 2018. It was not possible to prove the origin of this relative. However, the political scandal has already been provoked.

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After that, Sebastian Kurtz announced the dismissal of interior Minister Herbert Kill, resulting in the collapse of the ruling coalition, and representatives of the APS in the Cabinet released their posts. The opposition decided to strike back with a vote of no confidence.