The rate of cure for coronavirus has increased sixfold

By | February 10, 2020
The rate of cure for coronavirus has increased sixfold

Two weeks ago, the rate of cure for pneumonia was 1.3 points, and today – 8.2 points.
In two weeks, the percentage of cures for coronavirus in China has increased six-fold, said on Monday, February 10, representative of the State Committee for Health Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Mi Feng, writes TASS. Percent cured in Wuhan city, Hubei province and across the country significantly increased, according to the latest data, the share of those cured is 8.2%, on January 27 this figure was 1.3%,” Mi Feng said.

He also noted that progress in the treatment of the infected had been made by “increasing the number of beds in local hospitals and the number of medical personnel sent to Wuhan and Hubei from all over the country”.

As you know, because of the coronavirus in the suburb of Wuhan urgently built two specialized infectious hospitals. Three field hospitals have also been deployed in the city.

Earlier, China noted that over the past week the number of coronavirus infections outside Hubei province decreased by 43% – from 890 to 509.

The Chinese authorities have allocated 72 billion yuan or $10 billion to fight the coronavirus, of which $4.5 billion has already been spent.

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