The remains of Francisco Franco were reburied in Madrid

The dictator’s new burial place is in the crypt where Franco’s wife was buried in 1988.
The remains of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) were moved from the monumental complex of the Valley of the Fallen near Madrid and reburied in the cemetery of Mingorrubio. The ceremony was held in a closed to the press mode. Only 22 relatives of the dictator were present. Before Franco’s burial, a service was held. The dictator’s new burial place is in the crypt where his wife, Carmen Polo, was buried in 1988.

Earlier on Thursday, the remains of Francisco Franco were exhumed in Madrid. The procedure began at about 10:30 a.m. local time (11:30 a.m. Kyiv time). To extract the coffin in which the dictator was buried 44 years ago, a granite slab weighing 1.5 tons was raised covering the grave.

Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the transfer of the dictator’s remains put an end to an anomaly in Spanish democracy.

“The long process that the legislative, executive and judicial authorities had (support) is coming to an end,” he said. “Another step towards reconciliation has been taken, which can only be based on democracy and freedom, which we all share.”

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In the afternoon, Franco’s supporters held several protests against the exhumation.

Recall, a year ago, the Spanish parliament decided to move the remains of Franco. In turn, several descendants of Franco expressed their “solid and unanimous” protest of the exhumation. Thousands of far-right protesters protested against the removal of Franco’s remains from the mausoleum.