The first and, as it turned out, the last speech of Prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate the “ties” between Russia and us President Donald Trump is a significant event for Washington – Mueller’s Speech confirmed the failure of his investigation
It should be noted that Prosecutor Mueller, who is the former head of the FBI under us presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, gave today the first public comment on his “investigation”, which did not yield any results.

Recall that the materials of the investigation Mueller showed that at the disposal of the American justice there is no evidence that between the trump team and the Russian political leadership were some connections. This is an important point since this thesis was based on the accusations of American politicians that Russia allowed interference in us presidential elections in 2016.

This allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to comment on the results of the “investigation” with the phrase that “the mountain gave birth to a mouse” and to note that Moscow had no doubt that this noisy American domestic political history would not lead to a result.

“In the US there is a very serious attitude to this event, because the issues that were considered by the Muller Commission, as they were, and remain factors of the ongoing internal political struggle in Washington today,” concludes Batyuk.

According to the expert, it was initially clear that everything that Muller will say today will be used by both supporters and opponents of trump to justify his political position, so his theses are secondary and quite predictable.

For this reason, few people in Washington are embarrassed that millions of dollars were spent on this campaign, and that it did not bring the final result – it should be noted that Trump’s opponents said that they would prove his ties with Russia here. As a result, this hype ended in nothing, and Mueller himself except unfounded accusations against Russia was granted only to resign from his post.

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“About the senselessness of this investigation and the lack of sense in it constantly say supporters of President Trump, but his opponents say that there is a sense, despite all the doubtfulness of the final results,” — sums up Batyuk.

All this shows that this story will continue, and this can be seen in the remarks of Mueller himself, who accused Russia of “interference” in the American political system and in “cyber actions” against the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. At the same time, as an accomplice of Russia, Muller designated the Wikileaks website but did not bother to give any evidence.

In fact, Mueller’s speech today confirmed the complete failure of his investigation, and his resignation may be due to the fact that he does not want to go to a hearing in us Congress, given his lack of clear results of his activities.

It is also noteworthy that this is not the first resignation in the United States. Because at the end of April, the Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein petitioned President Trump about his resignation. And here it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this happened after the lawyer Eric Dubelieu, representing the interests of the company “Concord” in us courts(owned by St. Petersburg businessman Eugene Prigogine), demanded to bring to justice both Prosecutor Mueller and us attorney General Robert Bar.

And here, apparently, there is a direct relationship, because Rosenstein, who sympathized with the election of the Democratic party and Clinton personally, in 2017, bypassing his boss appointed Mueller head of the investigation of relations between trump and Russia.

US and Mueller should be ashamed of this “investigation»
First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Vladimir Zharov said that this speech of Muller once again confirmed that his investigation did not bring practical results.

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“As the saying goes, “the mountain gave birth to a mouse” investigating all of this two years, but in the end on the surface of the puff. Apparently, Muller is under pressure, and he justifies himself with these strange accusations against Russia. Just because there are no real results that could show that Russia is guilty of something, Mueller did not have,” – says Jabarov.

Thus, all these accusations that Russia allegedly interfered in Clinton’s campaign, according to the Senator, Mueller voiced in order to justify his activities at least a little. This is evidenced by his remark that he wants to return to private life.

After all, if you think about it, it is unlikely that he had more opportunities for privacy when he was 12 years before the head of the FBI.

“Mueller, of course, could not fake the results of the test – this is understandable, but that’s the way he can blame Russia. This does not oblige him to anything and will not cause any legal consequences in relation to him,” Jabarov concludes.

Vladimir Mikhailovich believes that Mueller with the help of this speech was justified before those who had hoped for him.

“Russia has never interfered in American elections, and for such a great country like the United States, it is simply insulting to say that someone interfered in their political and electoral system. To this statement and Muller’s Russia response is not necessary, since all points I in the history today apart,” sums up Jabbarov.

Therefore, the performance of Mueller just shows that the US is often pointless wasting the taxpayers ‘ money.