The richest people in the world became richer during the pandemic

The richest people in the world became richer during the pandemic

Their fortunes grew by $ 255 billion. Mark Zuckerberg earned the most – 31.4 billion.
The world’s top 25 billionaires earned a total of $ 255 billion from March 23 to May 22. It is reported by Forbes on Sunday, May 24.

For two months of the pandemic, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg earned the most money – his fortune increased by 31.4 billion, to $ 86.5 billion. According to the publication, Facebook shares rose in price by about 60%, reaching record levels on May 22. Thus, Zuckerberg moved from seventh place in the list of the richest people to fourth.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earned a little less – $ 29.9 billion, now his fortune is estimated at $ 146.9 billion. He is the richest man in the world. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, the popularity of online trading platforms has grown, which has provided an increase in the value of Amazon shares by 29% since March.

The third position was taken by the head of Reliance Industries Limited Mukesh Ambani, who since March has increased his fortune by almost $ 20 billion. After that, it amounts to 52.7 billion dollars, and Ambani became the richest man in Asia.

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Forbes writes that the total wealth of the 25 richest people in the world now is about 1.5 trillion dollars, that is, about 16% of the state of all billionaires.

It was previously reported that the Top 100 richest people in the world lost more than $ 400 billion due to COVID-19. For two months, the number of dollar billionaires in the world decreased by 20% – up to 2253 people.

Recall that the head of Amazon in the day made a fortune of $ 6.4 billion. The fortune of Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, increased amid a record growth in the company’s share price.

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