The Russians blocked an American patrol in Syria

The Russians blocked an American patrol in Syria

In the area of the Syrian city of al-Qamishli, Russian military police blocked a US military patrol, forcing the Americans to turn around and change the route they were traveling.

As reported in the telegram channel “Rybar”, a patrol of the Russian defense Ministry blocked the Eastern entrance to the city with its armored vehicles, which made the US military unable to continue moving.

Skirmishes between American and Russian patrols in Syria are not uncommon. At the same time, if the Russian police patrol vital highways in the Syrian provinces at the request of official Damascus, the Americans have completely different tasks.

As stated in an article published a few months ago in the Washington Times, the “grim US mission” in the oil-rich province in North-Eastern Syria “has no end date, nor clear paths to real victory.”

At the same time, the constant risk of collisions with the Russian military is a real danger. At the same time, military officials from the Pentagon say that “Moscow is systematically testing our commitment to maintaining its presence in the Arab country.”

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The fact that there are “certain difficulties” between us and Russian militaries in Syria was also acknowledged by the US special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, earlier this year. However, he added, the parties are trying to overcome possible incidents that may occur during ground operations. “There are hitches from time to time,” Geoffrey said.

The official reminded that the Americans and Russians in Syria have been working for several years on agreements that are aimed at ensuring that there are no conflicts between the parties. Therefore, ” in General, everything goes smoothly.”