The sanction game of the Baltics turned into terrible consequences for the port of Klaipeda

By | August 31, 2020
The sanction game of the Baltics turned into terrible consequences for the port of Klaipeda

Lithuanian authorities express strong concern about the consequences of their sanctions pressure on Russia and Belarus –

The Baltics’ astonishing willingness to take on the West’s sanctions aggression against its neighbors is beginning to bear fruit. Thus, in the article of the network edition “KORABEL.RU” drew attention to the dedication with which the Lithuanian authorities defend the interests of the collective West, inciting irreparable consequences for the economy of their own country.

As an illustration of this state of affairs, the source drew attention to the TASS article, which reported on the acute reaction of Vilnius to the fact that its sanction game turned into a loss for the port of Klaipeda not only Russian but also Belarusian transit. At the same time, the Lithuanian leadership is trying to demonstrate the “irrationality” of Minsk’s refusal to send its cargoes to the port of Klaipeda in response to economic aggression against Belarus.

“It is difficult to imagine how it is necessary to cling to power and hate your people, so that because of the wounded ambitions to decide to harm their state and their people,” the source quoted Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulus Skvernalis as saying on his own Facebook page. At the same time, the Lithuanian politician tried to intimidate the Belarusians by the fact that their decision to refuse to transport goods through the Lithuanian port “will primarily hit Belarus itself.”

It is worth noting that such statements are not true, as recently we can observe the rapid development of Russian ports located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, which are ready for the development of relations with Belarus. At the same time, Russia has previously shown a willingness to provide the Belarusian side with convenient tariffs for railway deliveries to Russian ports.

Earlier, the expert Vasily Koltashov pointed to new factors that pose additional threats to cargo flow through the port of Klaipeda. Read more in PolitPazzle.

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