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The secret of preservation of youth is revealed

An international group of scientists described a mechanism that allows cells to be updated and to resist aging. The results were published in the journal FASEB Journal.

According to published data, the cells in the human body are updated by release from damaged mitochondria. However, in the elderly, the process of updating the mitochondria is slowed, which leads to loss of muscle mass and the appearance of extra weight. Scientists introduced the concept of special fluorescent markers, which are studying the mitochondria in cells and determine the damage. With this information, you can start the cell renewal by medication.

The researchers noticed that pharmaceutical companies have been working on a drug that stimulates the process of destruction of spent mitochondria and open the secret of youth preservation. For this process, the drug must activate the molecules of the energy sensor — AMP-activated protein kinase. Scientists believe that their discovery will help to accelerate the development of this drug. The study notes that to accelerate cell renewal, in both young and elderly people, with the help of regular exercise.
The secret of preservation of youth is revealed
Earlier, American scientists have claimed that premature aging is associated with increased intake of carbohydrates. Studies have shown that the commitment to a low-carb diet that includes meat and fish with salad, increases brain activity.

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In December of 2019, the medical journal Nature Medicine identified three stages of human aging. The first stage begins at age 34, the second at 60, third at 78. This division is due to changes in the proteins the liquid portion of blood that is unique to a certain age.

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