The series “Epidemic” will be released on Netflix

By | September 2, 2020
The series

Pavel Kostomarov’s series will be released in voiceover in 12 languages
Pavel Kostomarov’s “Epidemic” series will be released on Netflix in 12 languages. This was announced on Wednesday by the producer of the project Valery Fedorovich on his Facebook page.

“In 12 different languages (dubbing) around the world: “To the lake” a Netflix original series,” he wrote. The project tells the story of a new unknown virus that turns Moscow into a city of the dead. There is no electricity, money has lost its value, those who are not infected are fighting for food and gasoline.

The cast includes Kirill Kyaro, Victoria Isakova, Mariana Spivak, Alexander Robak, Yuri Kuznetsov, Anna Mikhalkova, and others.
The series
On Wednesday, the National Media Group (NMG) confirmed its partnership with Netflix in Russia. The holding company becomes an operator of Netflix service in Russia.

The deal is part of the implementation of NMG’s strategy to achieve leadership positions in the digital and content segments in Russia.

About the service
According to the press service of Netflix, the service is available in more than 30 languages around the world. Its English-language version was launched in Russia five years ago, and will soon be available in the Russian language.

Netflix provides streaming services in more than 190 countries, including Russia. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Since 2013, Netflix has produced its own movies, TV series and shows