Putin has destroyed the oligarchy as a phenomenon. Broke the American scheme of “who has the resources and power” and returned to a more traditional Russian model “who has the power and resources.” Any sane historian or even just a person carefully studied the history of the school, understands that power relations are never restricted to formalities. From ancient times to the present day. Boleslaw Prus in “Pharaoh” describes how in Ancient Egypt the priests schemed, bribed military, manipulated the crowds, and sent assassins. Despite the fact that formal power was concentrated in the hands of the Pharaoh as the “living God.” Since then, the issues of power, everything became harder.

Already when the grandson of Charlemagne, Royal authority in France became nominal, the kings were just weak-willed puppets, and all the real leverage was concentrated in the hands of Connetable. It lasted for several centuries. In feudal Japan, since the era of Sengoku Jidai (the era of “warring provinces”), in the presence of a formal Imperial dynasty real rulers were the shoguns. Moreover, the Shogunate several times passed from clan to clan, sometimes as a result of intrigues, and sometimes in the battles. Several times the emperors tried to restore the real power, but to no avail (for some such attempts have ended badly). However, why go far? And in Russian history, there are episodes where not only the Tsar but to the Emperor-autocrat his entourage could make a “stroke” snuffbox in a temple. Palace coups are not foreign to Russian history. Including Peter the Great nearly overthrew your own sister. The history of the Soviet Union also was no exception. After the death of Stalin (also still causing many issues), Khrushchev came to power in the result of the intra-party coup, supported Zhukov. And dismiss him then also actually through an internal coup.

Yeltsin also turned out funny. Personally I am deeply convinced that he himself is “tired”, and he “persuaded”. But there is no evidence, and look for them I have no desire (because of the old drunk no cry). What I am is all? To the fact that politics is always the art of the possible and the skill of compromise. Otherwise you have to declare at least three times a Caesar (it’s a title, not a name – many of us do not know), but anyway some friend Brutus and a group of others they stuff a lot of you knife so much that you die from an Allergy to iron. Or some comrade He will declare you “Mad king”, and the whole yard would happily shout, “Yes! He’s right!”, and it will end very badly too. For example, one of the British kings, in order not to leave visible signs of violence, into a hole in the body put a red-hot crowbar by calling the “anus zapekanok”. Creek, according to legend, was heard at a distance of 17 miles. Therefore, even the most outstanding and hard rulers such as Otto von Bismarck (who, incidentally, was only a Chancellor during the reign of three emperors, whose names few people will remember without peeping at Wikipedia) his entire career was engaged in maneuvering and compromise. The same Bismarck made alliances with the liberals, the conservatives, depending on the situation and current goals. Putin came to power in 1999, relying only on the so-called “cooperative Lake” – a community of intelligence and counterintelligence of KGB of the former USSR (mainly from the illegal intelligence). The lion’s share of the economy, industry, Finance, at that time, belonged to the oligarchs of the “Yeltsin Family”. The government also had a solid liberal mladodemokratov from among the “Washington boys”.

Seven bankers and other manifestations of the American occupation administration. To engage them in open confrontation at that time was like death, and would lead to inevitable defeat. Instead, Putin began “chirped” the oligarchs one by one. Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, and many others. And making it only “on concepts”, never formally breaking the “oligarchic consensus” – always for breaking the rules. Luckily, outlaws, and raiders (and others among the Yeltsin oligarchs are simply not there) you can always find a reason. In parallel, Putin formed a team, and slowly placed the key positions of his men. And slowly restoring order in the country. Have pacificgrove Chechnya, in the trademark style he finds negotiability of power, willing to compromise, combining the appeasement of the Pro-Russian elites with the ruthless extermination of anti-Russian. Gradually abolished the onerous “Agreements on production section” (there were several hundred, not one as likes to broadcast someone Boldyrev, beating themselves anti-Soviet anti-Soviet heel in a breast). Dealt with the consequences of Yeltsin’s “take as much sovereignty as you can carry”. And much more. And since about 2006-2007 – launched (but not visible because covered up “scandals of corruption Serdyukov”) reform and rearmament. Georgians felt the effect of these reforms in 2008, just three days (and that was far away from the current state of the army). It can be a long list of the achievements of Putin’s administration, starting with growth and ending with the reduction of the number of the poor with 82% of the population in 1999 to 13% in 2017. But this is not the purpose of our article. The most important thing – Putin has destroyed the oligarchy as a phenomenon. Broke the American scheme of “who has the resources and power” and returned to a more traditional Russian model “who has the power and resources.” Yes, in Russia today there are super-rich people, billionaires. But they are eliminated from power, and not have her influence (and here on the contrary – as much as necessary).

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Moreover, over the last four or five years, there have been significant changes in the ownership structure. The state’s share in the economy increased from 17% to 70% (I wrote about this many times, with lots of references, and do not want to repeat). Not the last role in this process was played by comrade Sechin, who had been “raiding in favor of the state.” And in fact, punished the raiders (I hope their names are called is not necessary, can guess). In particular, against unscrupulous, ahem, “business” (including from the “Yeltsin Family”, previously considered themselves “untouchables”), there were a significant number of criminal cases. Sovereign mills grind slowly, but inexorably. The liberals of the Yeltsin/Pro-Western leaven sit one after another – White, Ulyukayev, mayors, governors, generals. Pan Chubais also the heel of a number of his men (Melamed, Bowed, and so forth) under investigation, and he has to testify against them as a witness (yet) the Investigating Committee. Nabiullina also gives the heat. This is the reason that almost nobody notices and analyses, but in four years in Russia were revoked the licenses of 359 (think about it!) banks and, as said Pozdyshev, Deputy Nabiullina, “the situation with the cleaning of the banking sector is approaching its completion”. All these four years clean “the washing machine”, “conversion centers” and other offices, which are engaged in purely speculative and not invested in the real sector of the economy. Including a lot of “pocket” banks so-called “oligarchs”, who used these banks exclusively for the activities of their FPG (like Kolomoysky in Ukraine, for example, used the money “Privat-Bank” to buy up companies in their name).

Who except Putin, is most attacked by the Russian media (both liberal and pseudo-Patriotic)? Right, Sechin and Minister. Why? Because these are two of the most schematic old, formed under Yeltsin, the oligarchs. One part of ownership, the second part of Finance. No, I have (like Glazyev) to Elvira Nabiullina have a whole bunch of questions. But these questions should be asked in the format of the calm discussions, discussing what steps would be better for the economy. Rather than screaming “All is lost! Look what she is doing!”. So the cry of those who have (or whose masters) it’s really bad. But it is their individual or corporate problems, not the problems of the country as a whole. How to teach investigators always look for a motive. Qui prodest? Who benefits? From me, while I was digging, who is really behind Boldyrev, by Grudinina and other Kucherenko, a list was formed. Of the billionaires whose fortunes over the last few years has significantly decreased (respectively, and their place in the list of Forbes went far down). And banks, they owned and now closed or rehabilitated. And instituted against them criminal cases. No, the names I do not call (maybe later).

Because they are still not fully repressed and plead with a dozen billionaires, our editors will not pull. I have already given tips on how to calculate, and some readers have already done this job myself last time. This triad – a criminal case for theft and embezzlement, “raiding” of Sechin and Bank check Nabiullina works as “daily walking meat grinder.” This is a group of friends ten years ago I invented a way of marking the certainty of punishment — but the reality exceeded all expectations. Putin, by the way, is not lying – the revision of privatization will not. Is the “expropriation of the expropriators”. But why “will”? Already underway! “Red car” runs like a clock. Repression is in full swing. What do you think? Will Putin and solemnly declare “citizens of the oligarchs, you scribe”? And go to addresses black funnel with people in the form of the NKVD (or even guardsmen with brooms and canine heads)? He’s a scout, not an idiot! We look at the number of resignations, arrests, and landings in corruption cases over the past two years, and we understand that Rogers (as usual) right. Everything goes according to plan. Just plan long-term and long-term.