According to Moldovan socialists, Mayu Sandu, an opposition presidential candidate from the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, is financed by the Soros Foundation

The Soros Foundation finances Sanda and the Chisinau-based Maidan – socialists.

According to Moldovan socialists, Mayu Sandu, an opposition presidential candidate from the pro-European Action and Solidarity Party, is financed by the Soros Foundation. PSRM deputy Bogdan Tirdia said today, October 21, that Soros has spent more than $ 5 million to finance media in Moldova from 2009 to the current year.

According to the parliamentarian, this media network includes 12 news portals and platforms, 21 TV channels, and 18 radio stations. Tsyrdya specified that all of them “serve Maya Sanda”.

“I find it funny to hear her say that the president of the country has the largest media network, referring to three TV channels without national coverage. However, the Soros network alone includes 12 portals, 21 TV channels, and 18 radio stations. All of them are directed against candidates on the left flank and in support of a single candidate whose name we know well and who complains that she doesn’t have a media outlet. And she has the largest media network, with full coverage, in every district. All of them publish slanderous materials about other candidates and sing odes to her alone,” Bohdan Tsyrdya stated.
To confirm his words, he presented the book “Societatea civilă a Republicii Moldova: Sponsor. ONG-crație. Războaie culture” (“Civil Society of the Republic of Moldova: Sponsors. NGO craters. Cultural Wars”), the author of which is. The collection is a study based on an impressive bibliography and reflects the activity of a network of non-governmental organizations and mass media financed from abroad on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, which intervenes on a large scale in the internal affairs of the country. The work presents concrete documents on the sources of funding of these organizations, periods, amounts, and recipients of remittances in the number of millions of euros and dollars, whose goal is to defame some politicians and promote others.

“The documents presented in the book indicate that the George Soros Foundation, NED, EED, and other donors have contributed to the creation in Moldova of a network of 100 NGOs that act synchronously, in a coordinated and collective manner, following certain orders and participating in social and political campaigns beneficial to donors,” said the

Known as “Soros Network”, it is used by donors as a tool for monitoring, control, and influence.

“These NGOs are used as a tool of external management of the country, capture of minds, unarmed conquest of hybrid type”, – concluded Bogdan Tsyrdya.
As reported earlier, on October 20 the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin stated that, according to his department, the U.S. State Department, evaluating Igor Dodon’s chances of winning the presidential election as preferable, ordered his embassy in Chisinau to “set up the opposition in advance to organize mass protest actions in case of his re-election, demanding the annulment of voting results”. For these purposes, NGOs affiliated with the Americans and mass media are used, which throw fakes about the authorities’ plans to resort to falsifications into the information space.

From the beginning of the election campaign the main rival of Dodon, ex-Prime-Minister Maya Sandu spoke in a positive way about “planned falsification” of voting results, promising to lead people to mass protests if she or another opposition contender wins. The next day, after Naryshkin’s assessment of the election situation, Sandu hurriedly announced that her protests would not be in any way in line with Washington’s plans, and, as a politician, she was independent of the U.S. opinion.

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