The star of the movie The Man with a Scar Dies

The famous actor died at 72 years old. According to relatives of the celebrity, death came from complications caused by senile dementia.
American actor Gino Silva died in his home in Los Angeles from complications of frontotemporal dementia at the age of 73, writes Hollywood Reporter.

The actor died on May 9, but his death became known only now.
The celebrity has a wife, daughter, and two grandchildren.

Silva was born in 1948. He began acting in the mid-seventies.

One of his famous works is the role of the killer in the gangster movie saga Man with a Scar (1983). The actor appears as a killer named Skull, who kills the main character – drug lord Tony Montana (Al Pacino).

Silva also starred in the films Mulholland Drive, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Drunken Dawn, Amistad and others.

Recall that in the USA, an actor from Friends and American Pie died.

As we wrote earlier, the star of the Rambo and Cocoon films died.

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