The Suez Canal will switch to round-the-clock operation

The Suez Canal will switch to round-the-clock operation

After unblocking, the Suez Canal will work around the clock to pass the cargo ships accumulated at the entrances and in the lake in the central part of the cargo, a source in the channel operator Gulf Agency Company (GAC) told RIA Novosti.

“As soon as the channel resumes its work, it will work around the clock to promptly pass all ships waiting in line,” the source said.
As a rule, ships move along the Suez Canal in columns, moving out at 03:30 from Port Said (northern entrance to the canal) and at 04:00 from Suez (southern entrance). Ships must pass the entire channel before 23:00, as indicated in the navigation rules on the channel’s website.

“We cannot name the exact date of the end of the operation, it can happen at any moment,” the source said.
According to the GAC, at least 44 ships are waiting in line at Bolshoy Gorky Lake in the middle of the canal, at least 300 ships are queuing at the entrances.

In turn, the press service of the administration of the Suez Canal announced on Sunday the expansion of the scale of work to deepen the seabed in the area of ​​the incident.

“Excavators located on land carry out work on dredging the bottom along with the ships, as they, thanks to the long arm, can get closer to the container ship,” the message says.
The main driving force in the operation is the powerful Mashkhur dredger, which aims to deepen the bottom to 18 meters.

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The depth of the bottom in the area of ​​the incident is regularly measured using ultrasound, the administration notes.

The container ship Ever Given with a length of 400 meters and a carrying capacity of about 224 thousand tons was heading from China to the Netherlands and on Tuesday ran aground at the 151st kilometer of the canal, blocking it and blocking traffic. The channel connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Evergreen, which operates the container ship, said on March 26 that it would take at least two to three days to get the ship aground.