The task of Trump and Biden: to convince supporters to take part in voting

The task of Trump and Biden: to convince supporters to take part in voting

The share of undecided voters, according to some data, is less than 5 percent

Republication President Donald Trump, his rival democrat, former vice president Joe Biden, and their partners are trying to galvanize their supporters and win over the last uncertain voters on Sunday.

Nine days before the November 3 election, Trump will travel to campaign rallies in the small states of New Hampshire and Maine in the northeast. The small number of voters from those states may prove decisive if candidates get close to the election results.

The outcome of U.S. presidential elections is determined not by universal voting throughout the country, but by a 538-member panel of voters, which depends on the results of each state. That is why Trump and Biden seek a majority of the 270 votes on the panel.

In 2016 Trump lost New Hampshire and did not get four votes from him, a little behind Democrat Hillary Clinton. This year, according to polls in the state, the president fell behind Biden by more than 11 percentage points.

As for the state of Maine, four years ago Trump received one of the four electors in a district in the north of the state, and this time he is struggling hard with Biden for a single elector. At the same time, the president is significantly behind Biden in the state. According to state rules, two electors are added to the piggy bank of the general winner, the vote of one more electorate is determined by the results of the voting in the second district, which includes the coastal areas.

Meanwhile, Biden performs in a virtual format on Sunday at the “I will vote” concert. While Trump continues to hold mass rallies outdoors, often in airport hangars, despite the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., Biden is taking a more balanced approach in his campaign. He appears at small meetings or, as this Sunday, uses online broadcasts.

Trump’s partner, Vice President Mike Pence, also appears at rallies and performs in Kinston, North Carolina, another undecided state, on Sunday. Trump won the state in 2016, but polls show Biden’s slight advantage.

Biden’s partner, candidate senator Kamala Harris, is in another important state, Michigan, where he performs in Detroit, Troy, and Pontiac.

Trump won in Michigan, which was traditionally considered a democratic state. This, as well as victories in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, brought him four years in the White House.

However, polls show that Trump is almost 8 percentage points behind Biden in Michigan, and also, though less, in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

All three states are critical to the outcome of elections in 2020. The same can be said of several other states, where Trump won in 2016 but is now behind. Several polls show that Biden is 8-9 percentage points ahead of Trump in terms of overall voting.

More than 58 million Americans have already voted, of which about two-thirds by mail and about one-third personally. Many of them said they chose to vote early so they wouldn’t have to queue at polling stations on election day in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Polls show that perhaps less than 5 percent of voters were undecided, making it particularly important for Trump and Biden to identify existing supporters and convince them to vote.

Many of Biden’s supporters told reporters that they wanted to be among the first voters to vote against Trump to make him the third president in 40 years to be re-elected after his first term.

At the same time, many Republicans say they want to vote on election day, as has been the norm in the United States for decades.

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