However, the number of trophies was an Israeli machine CTAR-21 (version TAR-21 Tavor with a shortened barrel), used by Nigerian security forces, including members of the State security service, paratroopers and others.

It should be recalled that Nigeria is one of the most brutal and ruthless terrorist groups in the world, Boko Haram,* which, according to the global terrorism index, has repeatedly won “prizes” overtaking the “Islamic state” in terms of the number of killed.

The group is one of the bloodiest and most active in Africa, which did not go unnoticed by the think tanks of the “Islamic state”, which decided to use such a “resource” for the policy of destabilization in Africa.

Translated from Arabic, the name of the group is translated as “the Society of adherents of the spread of the teachings of the prophet and Jihad”, which as a concept fits into the concept of ISIS*.

There are data from military sources that previously reported that the group enjoys the support of some representatives of the Northern States, from the so-called “Muslim elite”.

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It is important to understand that given its failure in Syria, the United States saw in Africa the opportunity to get even, using the old methods of the scheme with the project “LIH”, unnecessary to remind that it is the United States are the creators of LIH and repeatedly cited facts confirming that LIH is not just a terrorist organization of Islamic radicals, but a thoughtful geopolitical project of the United States, which uses as a tool of influence — to inspire fear, create a migrant crisis that has weakened Europe and at the same time maintain the image of “fighters against terrorism” to justify its military presence in various hot spots.dots.

It cannot be ruled out that ISIS, starting a collaboration with existing terrorists in Africa, are beginning a new round of policy of destabilization of the United States.

The fact that the next victim of US policy will be Africa, said the expert from Vienna Patrick Popel in his comments for the German edition of News Front, mentioning, in particular, the Congo.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the fact that earlier, for some reason, the American TV channel published “sensational” information that Russia is preparing to intervene in the US elections in 2020 using Africans, who allegedly will recruit and prepare in advance so that they further commit sabotage.

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And since in advance mentioned Russia and is preparing the background information of her guilt, just with African overtones, and information, despite the fact that sounds preposterous begins to broadcast in the American media, it is likely that the US has some African plan.