The third tanker with fuel from Iran arrived in Venezuela

By | May 27, 2020
The third tanker with fuel from Iran arrived in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro thanked the Iranian government, and the United States accused the persecution of ships supplying fuel to the country.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said a third Iranian tanker with fuel and equipment for an oil refinery arrived in the country. His performance on May 26 was broadcast on Twitter.
“I want to once again thank the people and government of Iran for the solidarity and courage that allowed Venezuela to get three tankers with fuel and materials to restore processing,” Maduro said.
He also recalled that the US government has been pursuing ships supplying fuel to Venezuela for more than a year.
“Venezuela has the right to freedom of the economy, to freedom of trade, to sell and buy in the world what it needs,” the leader of the country said.
Maduro called US actions “crime against humanity” and announced that Venezuela would appeal to the International Criminal Court on the matter.
Recall that five tankers from Iran should arrive in Venezuela.

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