The trailer for the new “Batman” has been released. When to wait for the film?

By | August 24, 2020
The trailer for the new

Good news for fans of exciting movies. Just recently released a trailer “Batman”, which opens the veil over what will be the new series. If we talk about the key line of the film, the director and the screenwriter have worked hard to change it.

Now, this is no longer a story about a superhero, but rather a detective story, which, however, is no less interesting than the story of adventures. In the film, the viewer will get to know such a mysterious character as Catwoman. In the new series, you will be able to see both already loved actors and new faces. Writers and directors work on the film. Work has previously been suspended due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Now it has resumed with renewed vi reintroduces and viewers can count on an exciting premiere. It’s bound to happen. But it will happen not, as originally planned, in June 2021, but later. The global launch of the new “Batman” is expected to take place in October next year. At the moment, at least a quarter of the material has been filmed.

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