The truth about coronavirus told by Russians in China

The truth about coronavirus told by Russians in China

The epidemic of coronavirus in China is gaining momentum, and the Internet is filled with mad speculation about the disease. The U.S. media, which reports on the horrors of the Chinese virus, stand out especially against the rest of the American media.

Russian citizens living in China do not notice a particular problem with the virus and consider frightening news nothing more than propaganda. There is no panic in the cities and food and medicine continue to be supplied to the closed areas.

Polina, who has been living in Wuhan for six years, recently closed for quarantine, said: “When it turned out that it could be passed from person to person, on official websites and TV announced that people would try not to go out without masks, more often washed hands, ventilated apartments and tried not to appear where there are a lot of people. And closer to the local New Year it was no longer possible to meet people without masks. Naturally, everyone is worried, but there is no panic at all.”A video distributed from the infected city girl considers “fake”: “Yes, there is still a video about the fact that everything is closed here, that here people are fighting for food. It’s such nonsense, in fact, it’s not true! Supermarkets did not work only on New Year’s Eve. There is food, food continues to arrive, there is no zombie apocalypse expected!”

Our other compatriots from China also did not notice the mass hysteria about which is heard from the west. “It’s absolutely peaceful here. I went outside, and I wouldn’t say everyone goes masked. There are more of them, but not much. However, in pharmacies, of course, there are no masks anymore.” – commented another Russian.

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Loud headlines about the virus are commented by another Russian resident of China, Andrei: “I think it’s nonsense. It’s such a noise, almost the end of the world. You’re going to open the door… and that’s it, death stands with a scythe. You just have to be careful. I’m sure. Because there has been such a flash, and more than once.”

Information about the virus becomes an attempt to sow panic, intimidate American companies doing business with China and exert economic pressure. Many experts consider the virus’s biological sanctions from America. Especially against the background of the sars virus epidemic in China in 2008, which is considered a U.S. biological weapon and information that the new coronavirus is also part of the U.S. fight against China.