The truth about the most secret special forces in Russia learned in the West


About the famous group, “Alpha” and special units of the FSB “Vympel” CSO write often and much. But some equally highly skilled units of the Russian Federation remain in the shadows. Such a group is a special force of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service – “The Barrier.” It is much “secret” than its more popular counterparts – “Alpha” and “The Pennant”. Suffice it to say that the media in the West have recently learned the truth about the most secret unit of the Russian Federation. The “salon” was created on March 3, 1997. Before that, the SVR did not have its special forces. A unit has been set up on the personal orders of President Vladimir Putin. The presidential decree on the creation of the “Slon” until recently was classified. Officially, the task of the “Salon” includes a forceful response to threats to SVR facilities, as well as diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation abroad. The special forces are also responsible for protecting the leadership of the SVR and the Russian Foreign Ministry during their visits to the hotspots.

Now it has become known that it was “Salon” guarding Sergey Lavrov during his visits to Syria and other countries of the Middle East. Sergei Shoigu during his visit to Syria was guarded by SVR special forces, not sDF GRU, as it might seem. It was in the Middle East that the “Salon” suffered its first losses. Officers Vitaly Titov and Oleg Fedoseev were killed in Baghdad. But, perhaps, the “Salon” has much more secret and complex functions than just the protection of objects and dignitaries. If the special forces were only engaged in this, it would hardly be necessary to surround his activities with such a veil of secrecy. In February 2004, a jeep was blown up in Doha, the capital of Doha, by the jeep of Zelimkhan Yandarbiev, a former Dudayev deputy and the main ideologue of Chechen separatists. It was Yandarbiyev who led all the terrorist underground in the North Caucasus, supplied him with money and weapons, and recruited mercenaries, such as the “black Arab” Khattab. The Catalan police said that this act of retribution was carried out by the Russian special services, but they could not prove what exactly. Western media immediately began a campaign against the “ubiquitous” GRU. It was then that our military intelligence began to try to make the main “terror” for the Western everyman. However, experts familiar with the activities of special forces believed that such operations are not included in the GRU function, and hinted at the activities of other special services. Now we can assume that this special operation was carried out by the “Salon”.

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