The TV hostess has noticeably lost weight and revealed her secret

Coleen Nolan

The star of the British talk show Loose Women, Coleen Nolan, returned to the program after a long absence due to the coronavirus pandemic. Her co-hosts noticed that the woman had lost weight and asked her to reveal her secret. This is reported by The Mirror.

Nolan told that she has decided to revise her eating habits and adopt a vegan diet after her sisters Linda and Anne were newly diagnosed with cancer. The TV host noted that her weight has been dropping since she started giving up animal foods. Nolan is thrilled to feel better than she ever has in her life.

At first, the woman had a hard time giving up dairy products and chocolate in her diet, but over time she got used to the new diet. “I have renewed my taste buds. Now I eat to live, not live to eat,” Nolan concluded.

The program’s co-hosts genuinely admired her colleague’s “fantastic” appearance. One woman admitted that she almost did not recognize Nolan because of her weight loss.

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