The Ukrainian bands and closed the EU. The shocking

The Ukrainian bands and closed the EU. The shocking
The Ukrainian bands and closed the EU. The shocking

The foreign policy of the President of France, who is considered to be the new leader of the European Union, set up against him of many politicians.
Recent statements by the President of France Эмманюэля Macron on immigration through illegal “Bulgarian and Ukrainian bands”, a “brain-death” NATO, as well as his decision to block negotiations on the accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia in the EU set against the European heads, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Macron also spoke about the need to reform the process of admission of new members to the EU. This week in France submitted a new plan for six pages to unlock the expansion of the European Union, but experts believe that the Macron wants to “drown” procedure in the bureaucracy.

Traditional French views
A year ago Macron traveled with a working visit in all the countries of Europe, including the East, which the French elite ignored and did not take into account or even despised, according to the French newspaper Le Monde.

But that all changed after the октябе пршлого, the President of France had to прирвать one such tour, to return to their homeland, where the protest was born, the yellow jackets.”

Macron returned to much more traditional French foreign policy views on these countries. Made for a few weeks, statements by the insulted the regional capital.

On October 31, French leader criticizes immigration through the secret Bulgarian or Ukrainian network” in comparison with “legal migrants” from Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.

A few days later in an interview with the British magazine, The Economist Macron took up Bosnia and Herzegovina, calling this Balkan country “time bomb” because of “the problem of the return of jihadists.”

As the newspaper notes, the argument has caused the greater the shock that the Macron used it to justify its October veto the opening of accession negotiations to the EU two other Balkan countries: Albania and Northern Macedonia.

“The End Of The enlargement of the EU.” Macron is not admitted Macedonia

This is superimposed by the new Russian politics Macron, which wants to “rethink the relationship of France” with Moscow and Vladimir Putin and said that NATO came to the “death of the brain.”

These words disturbed the majority of the countries of the East. So, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Моравецкий referred to them as “dangerous” and spoke in defense of the “essential in the world of the Alliance for the preservation of peace and freedom”. This opinion is shared by the neighbors of Poland.

Throughout the region, only one leader of the favorably disposed to the words Macron – the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. On the eve of the stated that Hungary will be able “to ensure its own security to the year 2026.” The President of France in turn openly gave to understand that he looks forward to the Hungarian Prime Minister to overcome the resistance of Poland.

“It is disturbing rhetoric and amazing turning toward Russia and Hungary,” циттирует Le Monde of the Vienna expert on Central Europe Paul Лендваи.

In October the Hungarian Prime Minister participated in the Elysee Palace, which was not from the year 2010. That, in turn, leads the примирительно vis-à-vis the president of France to depart from the attacks of the times of elections to the European Parliament.

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Orban is known for its pro-Russian position and plays the role of the violator of tranquillity in the Balkans: he provided the former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Груевскому refuge from prosecution in their homeland, as well as close to the line of the nationalist political education and the media.

Explaining the policy changes Macron, a Croatian Advance newspaper writes that the reason he opposed the expansion of the European Union very prosaic: sharply against the expansion of supported the French public opinion.

And against the background of the protests of the yellow jackets, this fire which has decayed, but continues to smolder, Macron decided that it was better to do not contradict the French voters, the newspaper notes.

Bloomberg columnist Leonid Бершидский writes that the resistance of the enlargement of the EU in France and other countries of Western Europe unnecessarily.

Instead of indulging the fears of voters, responsible leaders should explain why the expansion makes sense, the expert said. Among other things, this process is still more secure external borders of the EU.

The proposed Макроном procedure for the adoption of new members to the EU is not better that operates now. Most likely, the Macron simply trying to drown in the bureaucratic objections the issue of further expansion of the European Union, writes the author on the pages of the Bloomberg.

The current procedure requires the candidate countries to join the recognition and implementation of the European rules in 35 areas. They must prove their commitment to democracy and the rule of law, as well as its ability to function as market economies. It does not matter, what areas of the country will begin to implement the changes.

The new leader of the West. What does the Macron

French leader proposes to conduct this process in accordance with the four principles: it must be made more gradual, you must enter the clear and readily verifiable conditions for the transition from one phase of the entry to another, you must link the passage of each check with tangible economic benefits, you must enter the rule, stating that the process can be turned in the opposite direction.

If this reform is needed not only to countries that want to join the European Union but already existing members.

European diplomats have reacted sharply enough to the proposals of the Macron and questioned the desire of the french to other countries in the EU in principle.