The UN responded to protests in the United States

By | June 2, 2020
The UN responded to protests in the United States

Protests in the United States, caused by the murder of black George Floyd during gross detention, underline both the problem of police violence and general inequality in the social sphere. Thus, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, reacted to American events.

According to the human rights activist, the discontent of Americans underlines two problems: the brutal behavior of police officers, and social inequality. In the second concept, Bachelet included issues in the areas of health, education, and racial discrimination. She also noted that similar issues were also acute in many other countries where racial minorities were discriminated against.
In addition, Bachelet highlighted ethnic minority issues during the coronavirus pandemic, citing France, Brazil, and the United States as examples. According to her, COVID-19 demonstrated growing social inequality, which had previously been hidden for a long time.

Before that, the head of the diplomacy of the European Union, Josep Borrel, supported peaceful protesters in the United States, condemning the violent actions. The European Union stressed that they were shocked by the death of Floyd. According to Borrell, this event indicates abuse of power by law enforcement officers.

Mass protests, accompanied by riots with clashes with the police, have been ongoing in the United States since May 26. Citizens rallied against police brutality after the death of a local resident, blackguard George Floyd, who died due to a strangling policeman. Subsequently, supporters of the movement against violence against blacks, the Black Lives Matter (“Black Lives Are Important”) took to the streets, the protests turned into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting, and arson. In a number of cities, units of the National Guard and armored vehicles were introduced to strengthen law enforcement.

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