The United States announced its readiness to meet Iran halfway

The United States announced its readiness to meet Iran halfway

The American administration is ready to lift some of the unilateral sanctions against Iran but calls on Tehran to abandon such maximalist demands on Washington. This was announced on Tuesday at a regular briefing by the head of the press service of the US State Department Ned Price.

“We understand that we will need to ensure that sanctions are mitigated. With regard to those sanctions that run counter to the JCPOA, ”said a foreign ministry spokesman.
He commented on the meetings that began in Vienna on the situation around the JCPOA.

“Maximalist demands will get us nowhere. The reason we are in Vienna is to discuss what steps might look like to implement [the provisions of the JCPOA] by both sides (the US and Iran), ”Price said as Tehran insists on complete abolition of Washington of its sanctions.
“We do not consider as constructive calls to the United States to make unilateral or conciliatory gestures, to which Iran does not respond. We focus on what would be constructive and reasonable to achieve this desired ultimate goal of mutual implementation [JCPOA], ”Price noted.
According to the information provided by the diplomat, the United States is waiting in Vienna for “constructive proposals” on how to return to full compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal.

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