The United States fell into a typical trap in Venezuela

While the self-styled “acting President of Venezuela”, Guido continues to repent for the failure of the coup in us media appear to be a very interesting diversion. In particular, it describes in detail why the recent attempt of a military rebellion failed. Should we believe such publications and what important circumstances Washington does not take into account in Venezuela?

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido recognized an unsuccessful coup attempt in Venezuela and said he was ready to endorse the US proposal to intervene in the country if this will do. He said this in an interview with the Washington Post. Guido hoped that the soldiers will move to the opposition and Maduro will resign, but this did not happen. “Maybe because we still need more soldiers, maybe we need more regime officials willing to support it, protect the Constitution,” the opposition leader said.

At the same time, some American publications began to spread some kind of insider information that there was a split in the White House on the issue of Venezuela. Allegedly, President Trump would not like the escalation of the conflict and direct military intervention in the Affairs of the Latin American country but can yield to the pressure of uncompromising Bolton. In sum, all this demonstrates the failure of the strategy chosen by both Washington and Venezuelan opposition to overthrow President Maduro.

How to understand amazing stories of how, Guido and American senior officials about the circumstances of the failed coup?

In countries where the United States decides to change the regime, or at least influence it from within, Americans fall into the same trap over and over again. They are beginning to over-trust what refugees, emigrants, professional “fighters against the regime”, opposition political scientists, intellectuals and “journalists without borders” and without permanent work say. Americans naively believe that if these people are for Western democracy and for all the good against all the bad, then their information and assessments are the ultimate truth. They said that Putin’s regime will collapse under sanctions in a year, and the Crimean bridge will not be built – and it will be. It did not happen – it does not matter anyway the guys are good, know the business, have to listen to them.

As for Russia, it is a small stable group of immigrants and “temporarily working in the US” opposition. And in Venezuela – these are the people of Carlos Vecchio (despite his magical fiasco with Russian prankers Lexus and Vovan), former mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledesma and the so-called Habana Consulting Group, based on Miami, as well as individual oppositionists such as Carlos Alberto Montaner. A long-standing dislike of trump to the intelligence officers leads to the fact that he has more trust in the statements and “evidence” of this kind of character than the professional reports.

For example, Ledesma claims that he talked to some high-ranking Venezuelan military. They told him a terrible story about how they were summoned to the office of military intelligence and as if by chance showed a Board on which were hung pictures of their wives, children, and parents. After that, they allegedly had no desire to rebel against Maduro, and so they would immediately run to overthrow the anti-people regime. The story is published in an American Spanish-language newspaper and is supplied with sentimental details about how terrible it is to be in the military intelligence building, where up to 300 people can be tortured at the same time.

Trump is translated and put on the table in the folder “early bird” – the daily morning review of the press. He reads it and believes that the Venezuelan military should simply create conditions under which they will oppose Maduro. And they really want to, but due to various circumstances, they are unable to afford it. This story is very similar to how Ivanka brought her father fake photos of children allegedly killed in a gas attack in Syria and demanded that the most powerful man in the world punish the villains.

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Something similar, apparently, unfolded before the failed coup. Guido, and the company suddenly began to talk openly that the CIA several months negotiating with three key figures environment Maduro: with the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino lópez, chief justice of the Supreme court maykel ‘ (Michael) Moreno and, most importantly, with the chief of security of President of Venezuela Rafael Ivan Hernandez Dala. These three, according to Bolton and Abrams, were ready to betray Maduro, and negotiations with them were conducted in Panama, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. I don’t care what the trio in the last year all Venezuela never left, except for the visit of Defense Minister to Moscow.

According to the American version of events, the CIA was going to create conditions for these three that they did not suffer after the transit of power and the onset of democracy. And everything would have happened, but suddenly it turned out that Ivan Hernandez dal was included in the sanctions list and he, like members of his family, was banned from entering the United States.

Then Hollywood begins. The head of security Maduro seems like a three-year-old child suffering from severe leukemia, and he needs a bone marrow transplant, which can be done in the United States. But the state Department was walking funny on the Nazi cross and to lift sanctions against Dala refused (which looked, Pompeo?). He was offended, and the coup broke down. Ivan, Vladimir and Mikhail have shown steadfast loyalty to President Maduro.

The first thing that comes to mind after studying this version of events: whether Guido with Bolton is gone mad, or whether they are deliberately trying to blacken closest to Maduro people. Well, you admit that the coup attempt failed, but why pass the Agency (if true) and in detail to tell whom, where and for how much they tried to buy? On the other hand, there is some logic. If attempts to win over senior officers of the Venezuelan army failed, you can try to divide them, to undermine the situation in the Venezuelan army and surrounded by Maduro from the inside. Let them sort things out between themselves. Was replaced by the same Maduro in the direction of military intelligence from sin.

However, now the Americans claim that he did it under pressure from Moscow and there are now sitting hundreds of Russians and thousands of Cubans. But who then invited military photos of their families showed? Russians? Or is it the Cubans? Opposition leader Carlos Alberto Montaner argues generally that “tiny Cuba colonized Venezuela” and now we have to use the term Newspeak – “Cubazuela”. By the way, bone marrow transplantation can be performed in Cuba and Russia. It is not necessary to beg Americans for a visa in exchange for betrayal (if this story ever took place, and was not only part of the campaign to misinformation and discredit senior Venezuelan officials).

What is happening now in Venezuela is increasingly reminiscent of the European wars of the Early Renaissance, when everything was decided not so much by weapons as by bribes, promises, and behind-the-scenes negotiations. Bolton in the role of Borgia, of course, is amazing, especially given his specific demeanor. Here it is necessary to understand that the Venezuelan consciousness, as in many other Latin American countries, is extremely romantic and mythologized. For example, now the most exalted supporters of Guaido (he, like all such leaders, there is a stable women’s support group) argue that we are not talking about a coup or attempted a coup, and this is called “civil uprising”. But then it is unclear what the tug-of-war on their side of the armed forces.

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People, by the way, are further annoyed by the propaganda campaign by the liberals against Simon Bolivar – the Liberator, the main symbol and icon of Venezuelan statehood. Has the pseudo-historical debate about whether Bolivar was a tyrant or just a dictator been going on for a long time? This is a fundamental difference, not an abstract dispute. Since the period of the War of independence and the personality of Simon Bolivar is the main event in the history of Latin America and the main personality of that period, the “debunking of the tyrant” in its scope of ideological influence on the population is comparable to the constantly relentless passions in Russia about the personality and role of Stalin.

At the time, Hugo Chavez was almost expelled from the Military Academy for refusing to call bolívar a “tyrant”, and when he came to power, he carried out additional exhumation and reburial of the Liberator’s body, creating a kind of cult of bolívar. This is not an idle conversation, it is a component of the ideological war against the current government of Venezuela because
the posthumous discrediting of Simon Bolivar opens the way for the promotion of American values in the country. The figure of Bolivar and his historical role – something like the main staple of Venezuelan identity.

There is an opinion that Pro-American coups in Latin America are now difficult to implement precisely because, they say, Venezuelans have nothing to compare their lives with. In Eastern Europe in 1990-1991, Hungarians, Czechs, and poles had only to look across the border at the lives of Germans and Austrians to understand what they wanted. And in Latin America (maybe with the exception of Argentina) there are no positive examples, all live about the same. Only someone like Colombia is supported by the United States, and someone is not. And the figure of Simon Bolivar, who sought to create a superstate that can compete in The Western hemisphere with the United States, takes on a special meaning for all who do not associate their lives with North America.

In other words, part of the American foreign policy bureaucracy led by Bolton will until the last try to destroy Venezuela not only as a “regime of chavists”, but also as a fragment of the “Bolivarian spirit”. This spirit is anti-Americanism in its purest form, with a deeply hidden but still visible desire for domination in Latin America, contrary to Washington’s opinion. By and large, it is in this sense – to eliminate the source of potential “bolivarianstva” and not even oil.

This is a deeply ideological conflict, not just a Mercantile one. Therefore, the Americans will fight to the last, not only to remove Maduro but also to eliminate the center of independence in their own “backyard”. This means that this music will be eternal. You don’t even have to change the batteries.