The US is studying the potential of coronavirus as a biological weapon

The US is studying the potential of coronavirus as a biological weapon

The military is investigating whether terrorists can use SARS-CoV-2 as a weapon in the future.

US military intelligence is investigating whether the coronavirus can be used as a biological weapon. This was reported on Thursday, April 23, by Politico, citing sources.

The Pentagon noted that this does not mean that they believe in the theory of the laboratory origin of the virus (this theory is still being studied), but now intelligence is trying to find out whether COVID-19 can become a biological weapon.

“In its natural state, the virus can be used as a biological weapon by less technically advanced groups, or countries with a more advanced biological weapons program can change its characteristics,” says Andy Weber, former Assistant Secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs under Obama.

Another source of the publication suggested that the enemy can naturally infect someone with the virus, and that person will spread it in the “right place”.

“From the point of view of bioterrorism, COVID-19 is very affordable. There are samples all over the world, ” says Weber.

Biosecurity experts say COVID-19 is unlikely to become a weapon because of its highly contagious nature, which can have unpleasant consequences for any group trying to spread it. However, the FBI has already recorded cases where members of extremist groups encourage each other to spread the virus if infected.

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Earlier, Fox News reported that COVID-19 was created in the laboratory of Wuhan. The TV channel reports that by creating the virus, China “wanted to show how much the state’s ability to fight the virus exceeds the capabilities of the United States and other Western countries.”

Before this, an international team of researchers concluded that the coronavirus is a product of natural evolution and not a pathogen created in the laboratory.

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