The US stopped developing a missile DEFENSE system, which has already spent $1.2 billion

Problems associated with the design of the interceptor device, or insurmountable, or require too high costs, decided in the Pentagon.
Us Department of Defense announced the curtailment of the development of a new missile defense system, which has already cost the budget of 1.2 billion dollars. This was stated by Deputy defense Minister for research and development Michael Griffin, said on Thursday, August 22, Deutsche Welle.

The Pentagon decided that the problems associated with the design of the interceptor device are either insurmountable or fraught with too high costs to eliminate them.

“Development programs sometimes face problems. Having shown due diligence in the development, we decided that the path we are taking will not be fruitful, so we will no longer follow this path,” Griffin said.

He also noted that the Pentagon expects from the industry proposals for the development of a new generation of a weapons system called Redesigned Kill Vehicle (“Upgraded interceptor”), which will protect the United States from North Korean Intercontinental missiles, as well as from hypersonic weapons developed by Russia and China.

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Currently, the Pentagon has 44 interceptor missiles, located mainly in Alaska. Each of them is launched from an underground mine, goes beyond the earth’s atmosphere and releases a charge there, destroying the target by the force of the collision. These missiles have been tested, but have never been used in combat.

Earlier it was reported that the US put in the budget for 2020 $14 billion for nuclear weapons, and the development of missile defense systems (ABM) another $13.6 billion.

In total, it is planned to allocate a record $750 billion for the needs of the Pentagon, which is 5% more than in 2019.

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