The vessel capable of completing "Nord Stream-2" has put into motion

The vessel capable of completing “Nord Stream-2” has put into motion

Pipelayer “Academician Chersky”, which is called able to complete the “Nord Stream-2” ship, went into motion. After its anchorage near Kaliningrad, it headed for the German port of Mukran, the project’s logistics base. RBC writes about it with reference to the data of the ship’s positioning systems.

In addition, the supply vessels Umka and Finval are moving in the same direction to Mukran, where the pipes for the gas pipeline branches are stored.

“Academician Chersky” has been in the German port of Mukran since May. However, on October 1 the pipelayer left the port and headed for Kaliningrad. “Academician Chersky” was to arrive to the point of destination on October 7 but that day the vessel stopped near the coast of the Kaliningrad region.

It was also reported that two Russian supply vessels were already standing in Kaliningrad: “Ivan Sidorenko” and “Ostap Sheremeta”. They may also take part in the gas pipeline construction.

The main obstacle to continuing the construction of Nord Stream-2 is now the U.S. sanctions, because of which the Swiss contractor Allseas refused to continue work. A pipe-laying machine Akademik Chersky and the Fortuna barge may work at the construction site, but they have no insurance. The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was to be completed in late 2019, but the deadline had to be postponed. The project is now 94 percent built.

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