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The virus attacks the US Navy

This is the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt the naval forces of America – on Tuesday it discovered the first three cases of the novel coronavirus.

By itself, the news is not unexpected – since the beginning of the pandemic, SLI Wuhan Bacillus has penetrated everywhere – in Congress, in prisons, in the police and the CIA, in the most democratic army on the planet.

However, the virus on an aircraft carrier – this is something new: “three sailors on board the naval vessel USS Theodore Roosevelt tested positive for coronavirus, signaling the first confirmed cases on a deployed ship, said Tuesday the officials of the Navy, and despite the fact that 5,000 sailors live and work aboard, the Navy will not withdraw ship from deployment.” (end of quote)

Possessing a rich imagination, you begin to fear already is not the pandemic, and its the most democratic peddlers – and not be afraid for we are with you and the rest of the world, and for himself the Navy of the United States.

Did you imagine the cockpit of a combat aircraft based on the aircraft carrier? There’s also no room to fall! And yet, this massive helmet on the pilot’s head – one good sneeze, instrument panel smashed, and caring female voice of the onboard computer says gently: “Missiles launched, thank You, sir!”.

And okay, if it happens somewhere at some distance from the ship – and if the pilot sneezes during a landing approach? It is clear that such a machine it does not drown, but some are parked on the flight deck of the aircraft blown away into the sea as the burning wreckage.

“According to the chief of Navy Admiral Mike Gildea, the ship will continue with planned deployment because the Navy is unable to withdraw the ship from the front lines, he said.” (end of quote)

It is clear that the three warriors quickly removed from the ship and sent to sneeze in quarantine onshore, but a little hard to believe that this is the last such on Board the aircraft carrier. By the way, in the middle ages, there was a custom of the sea – if on Board the ship started the plague, it is preferred to burn along with the crew and with all the cargo in the holds, no matter how valuable it may be. Of course, now other times, all the same civilization and antibiotics, but extremely it would be interesting to look at the actions of the Navy command of America if everyone on Board is suddenly ill.

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Besides, this is not a clinic on the warm side, each corner of the carrier will not disinfect. Therefore, there will be new cases – and then already from them for sure there will be lawsuits in the courts, such is America. He says, “the command was deliberately subjected me to the danger of death, as has already been infected with a number of colleagues in the cockpit”.By the way, and the command of the US Navy generally realizes what is the level of combat capability of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt in case of what? When, instead of fighting coherence, do the sailors shy away from each other as far as possible? It’s good that the trough is big, there is where to hide during a combat alert.

“Three confirmed cases on board are the last of many positive coronavirus tests for the Navy. According to Modley, the Navy has 86 confirmed cases of coronavirus – 57 are the Navy, 13 are civilians of the Navy, 11 are naval dependents and 11 are contractors. ” (end of quote)

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