The virus was invented by the media. Scandals of the President of Brazil

By | May 29, 2020
The virus was invented by the media. Scandals of the President of Brazil

Why the largest Brazilian media decided to boycott coverage of the activities of President Zaira Bolsonaro.
Jaira Bolsonaro – the President of Brazil is often compared with Donald Trump. They really like their uzgaidama, antics, and scandals. Both long times denied the threat of coronavirus that has led to the fact that their countries now in the world affected by the pandemic. Both are at war with media and social networks.

But Bolsonaro in the war, it seems, has even gone on trump. While the leader of the White House argues in Twittercруководством social networks about censorship, the Brazilian President ran on a direct boycott.

To blame the media

Bolsonaro even said that the coronavirus came up with the media. And recently, the Network got a video in which the President and his supporters call journalists rats, sons of a bitch, extortionists, and traitors. After that several media companies said that they would not send journalists to meetings with the President and government briefings. Among those who went on to boycott the TV channels Globo and Band, radio station CBN, sites G1 and Metrópoles, as well as the three main Newspapers of the country — Valor Econômico, O Globo and Folha de São Paulo.

And Brazilian police, meanwhile, began raids and searches (in the houses of the most ardent online supporters of President Bolsonaro in the investigation of the case about publishing and promoting fake news. One of the suspects is the son of the President.


Bolsonaro actively from the outset underestimated the danger COVID-19, calling the virus a “small flu”.

Bolsonaro told the supporters to ignore the quarantine imposed by governors of the States, to go out and go to work. A large part of the Brazilian delegation leader, who was with him at the Florida resort, Donald trump’s Mar-a-Lago, was ill with a virus. But even this does not make him to change his behavior.

16 APR Bolsonaro fired the Minister of the health of Brazil Luis Enrique Mandato because he refused to underestimate the threat of coronavirus, recommended to wear masks and keep a social distance.

When April 28, reporters asked the President about the measures in connection with the death at that time more than 5 thousand people, Bolsonaro said, “so what? I’m sorry, but what do you want me to do?”.

Now in Brazil more than 350 thousand infected and 22 thousand victims. The impeachment?

The Governor of the state of são Paulo joão Doria, the main opponent Bolsonaro in matters of quarantine, stated that the country is forced to contend not only with mers but with “balsamarium”.

According to opinion polls, 45% of Brazilians support the start of impeachment Bolsonaro. The opposite opinion is shared by 48% of respondents. Another 6% could not give an answer about this.

At the same time, 46% believe that Bolsonaro should himself resign. 50% of respondents, in turn, assured that he should remain President.

While Brazil’s Supreme court gave permission for conducting an investigation against Bolsonaro. He is accused of meddling in the work of law enforcement bodies of the country and obstruction of justice.

Charges against the head of state have nominated the former Minister of justice Sergio Mora, who resigned in April. He said that the President forced him to replace the chief of the Federal police and accused him of trying to interfere in anti-corruption investigations conducted against members of the President’s family until the request for materials exploration. Mora also accused the President of falsifying documents claiming that the signature on the decree about removal from a post of the head of the police was not his.

“The President can not be exempted from criminal liability for their actions because no one, including the chief executive of the country, cannot be above the Constitution and laws of the Republic”, – reads the statement of the Supreme court. He instructed to investigate the charges Moru, within 60 days.

After the inspection, the Prosecutor’s office will make a decision about whether to present formal charges to the President. The indictment must also be approved by the lower house of Parliament that the matter is transferred to the Supreme court. In this case, Bolsonaro will be temporarily dismissed from his post for up to 180 days. If the fault of the President will be proved, he may lose his job through impeachment.

Experts note that the likelihood of such a scenario is unlikely, as the lower house of Parliament controlled by the President’s supporters. If the accusations of the former Minister of justice is confirmed, he will be held accountable for false accusations.

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