The war in Iraq! U.S. Congress advised Trump to read the law | TOP-NEWS
The war in Iraq! U.S. Congress advised Trump to read the law

The war in Iraq! U.S. Congress advised Trump to read the law

The President of the United States was reminded that Congress has military powers, and the head of state is not a dictator by law.
The U.S. Congressional Judiciary Committee reminded President Trump that he is not a dictator and advised him to read the laws. The relevant message to the committee on Monday, 6 January, was posted in the

Thus, the House of Representatives responded to Trump’s tweet, in which he stated that his social media posts “will serve as an alert to the U.S. Congress” that the United States will strike in response to Iran’s aggression.

“From a legal point of view, such a notification is not required, but it is still given!” – the president said.

In response, the Judiciary Committee noted that “these posts will serve as a reminder that The Military Powers of Congress are in accordance with the United States Constitution.”

“And that you should read the law on powers in the face of military action,” the Judiciary Committee wrote, referring to the president. “And that you’re not a dictator.”

Before that, Democrats in Congress raised the question of whether Trump had the right to order a military strike without congressional approval, as it did not take into account Iran’s possible response.

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Recall, on January 3, the U.S. conducted an operation near the airport of Baghdad, which resulted in the death of Iranian General Kasem Suleimani.

The missile strike on the convoy, which was followed by the military commander, was carried out on Trump’s personal order.

Iran stressed that the U.S. actions are tantamount to waging war and promised revenge.

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