Then it will be harder - Putin will again help the oligarchs to become richer

Then it will be harder – Putin will again help the oligarchs to become richer

The President held another meeting with the country’s financial elite. The President decided to reassure them about the fate of Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline under construction from Russia to Germany along the Baltic Sea. Russian billionaires were concerned about construction, as the Swiss-Dutch ship All Seas was forced to stop work because of sanctions.

Vladimir Putin assured the future beneficiaries of the pipeline that Russia has its own pipe-laying vessel, which will complete the work. Meanwhile, while the president is trying his best to protect the already rich people, ordinary citizens of the country believe that life in the new 2020 will become even harder.

According to the VTSIOM poll, more than half of Russians considered 2019 difficult for themselves and the country, about 15% of respondents said that the year was extremely difficult. Indeed, if you look at the news report, it may seem that it will only be harder.

Thus, only in the Volgograd region, the number of unemployed became 14,000 more, Rosstat reports. In addition, it became known that in 2020 the country will raise utility tariffs by an average of 4%.

The only ones who will be practically unaffected by the upcoming changes are the “financial tycoons” of the country close to the president. For example, such billionaires as Potanin, Michelson, Timchenko, Mordashov are doing fine. Their total fortune has grown by $27 billion. But Putin will again help the oligarchs to become richer. True and “ordinary” people have something. From the new year, the minimum wage in the country will rise to 12 thousand 130 rubles. However, again different tariffs will rise, prices in the store will rise and everything will remain as before.
So it turns out that in 2020 the Russians are waiting for the same problems again. Therefore, the main thing is to gain strength in the outgoing to survive next year

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