There are no laws of physics – scientists made a sensational discovery

There are no laws of physics - scientists made a sensational discovery

Astronomers, using the Hubble telescope, discovered a strange object in space, whose existence in such an interstellar medium was considered impossible.

The presence of a black hole disk in such an active galaxy with low luminosity surprised astronomers. Black holes in some types of galaxies are considered hungry because there is not enough material to “feed” them.

It is therefore surprising that there is a thin disk surrounding a hungry black hole that mimics the much larger disks found in extremely active galaxies.

This discovery provides a unique opportunity to test Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. In accordance with these theories, the disk is so deeply embedded in the intense gravitational field of the black hole that the light from the gas disk changes, giving astronomers a unique look at the dynamic processes close to the black hole.

“We have never seen the effects of general and special relativity in visible light with such great clarity,” said one of the scientists.

The size of this phenomenon was measured with a telescope. As scientists learned, it revolved around a black hole at a speed of more than 10% of the speed of light.

As a result, the disk glows when it approaches the Earth, and accordingly becomes dim when moving away.

This effect is known as relativistic radiation. Hubble’s observations also show that the gas is so deeply immersed in the gravitational pit that the light struggles to escape, and therefore it seems to be stretched to more red wavelengths.

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According to scientists, they first discovered a reduced version of a quasar, the existence of which was not even supposed. This finding refutes the current theoretical models that predict the behavior of galaxies with weak activity.

Earlier, English scientists from University College London learned how on earth from inanimate matter the existence of all living things became possible.

According to the theory, 4 billion years ago, life was born from the primary broth – a solution of nutrients that were formed from the simplest compounds (ammonia, methane, hydrogen and water). Further, they were affected by the energy of lightning electrical discharges or energy from volcanic activity. But there is no answer, just as the first peptides formed in the broth.