“There is medicine in Chechnya…”: Kadyrov heads the SP Group to deliver coronavirus vaccine from UAE

“Is there a cure in Chechnya…”: Kadyrov headed the SP group to deliver a coronavirus vaccine from the UAE?
Putin could entrust the Chechen special forces with one of the most important and secret missions.In mid-January 2020, when Vladimir Putin announced changes to the Constitution and the Russian government resigned, the network was a form of “temporary transfer of power” in The Chechen The Republic, and, as the media wrote, signed retroactively.

Kadyrov is temporarily incapacitated.

There were many different theories about what happened to the governor of Chechnya, from unexpected promotion to detention and arrest by the special services.

Around the same time, information about some devastating and deadly viruses from China appears. In fact, the information appeared later, but China is a country closed from prying eyes because foreign experts have suggested that the outbreak began much earlier.

They were just trying to fight it.

In late January, Kadyrov was “found” in the United Arab Emirates – Tg-channel “SCFO Telegraph” published the news:

“At night Ramzan Kadyrov flew on Gulfstream 550 to “cure” the UAE. The plane took off at 10:12 p.m. from Grozny Airport at 3:21 a.m.
What was Putin’s future (at that time) ambassador to the Middle East doing in the United Arab Emirates?

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According to military expert Mikhail Vasilkevich, Kadyrov went to the UAE to get a cure for a potential pandemic (at the moment, coronavirus has claimed more than 200 lives). And it was he who headed the group of SP (special appointment), as it often happens, according to the director of the FSB Bortnikov. The version is justified by the fact that the head of the Czech Republic, as a confidant of the president, could be tasked with delivering the work of Arab medics to continue the work of Russia. Medicine in the UAE and Saudi Arabia is not just considered one of the best.
“Probably, there is already a cure in Chechnya – according to Kadyrov’s administration, he has already taken the post of governor again. And the “cargo” could have been delivered to the Moscow area, somewhere in Skolkovo with the help of special services,” Vasilkevich commented.