There may be “bugs” from mossad near Putin’s cabinet

Putin's cabinet

Sophisticated high-tech espionage ploys were uncovered during Trump’s presidency, several former senior U.S. officials said. This sensation was reported by the overseas authoritative magazine Politico. The U.S. government has concluded that Israel is most likely behind the deployment of mobile surveillance and drying devices that were found near the White House and other important government agencies in Washington.

So-called “StingRays” were found, miniature devices that are periodically switched on, mimicking conventional “cellular transmitter towers.” That is, they work in a parallel mode, without informing the mobile operator. StingRays allow users to download smartphone content and even install spy apps.

To avoid suspicion of “fake” (say, little is written about by the American media), we will cite the official letter of Christopher Krebs Director of the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA) to the U.S. Senate.

Krebs writes that his office first spotted and then seized “stingrays” in many places in Washington, including in close proximity to the White House, from January to November 2017. These devices were assembled in such a way that it was extremely difficult to identify the manufacturer. As a “suspect” named China, they say, who else? But FBI officials, along with NSA experts, came to a shocking conclusion that it was the work of Tel Aviv. official to the current President of the United States. Prior to that, he worked at Microsoft as Director of Cybersecurity Policy, where he coordinated with the U.S. government on technical communications security issues. Perhaps that is why he did not give technical details in the letter, so as not to “substitute” the boss, who is very loyal to Israel.

As The author of the publication in Politico Daniel Lippman writes, the Trump administration, having received this information, did not reproach the Israeli government, and did not impose any sanctions against the Jewish state. What’s curious: The 45th president of the United States, commenting on the spy story, still said: “anything is possible.” And then, after a pause, he put a stop over the “i” – “but I don’t believe it,” referring to the “wonderful” relationship with Israel.

Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu strongly and even offended (as you might think) denies this information, calling it “complete falsification”. However, the FBI and THE CIA are ironic about Bibi’s statements (Netanyahu’s nickname). In particular, Politico magazine quoted a man at the top of U.S. intelligence agencies as saying, “Israelis are pretty aggressive in their intelligence-gathering operations.”

It is not even about military secrets, but about the manipulation of leaders of other countries. In particular, in the case of Trump, it allows them to successfully maneuver in the “turbulent American political world” while maintaining good relations with both Republicans and Democrats.

“Sometimes it was a kind of knowledge of our thinking. Sometimes there were such speech turns or phrases, which, as far as we knew, appeared only in drafts of speeches and were never used in public. But then some Israeli official repeated them to us,” Daniel Lippman was quoted as saying by a mysterious U.S. government security official at the rank of at least CIA or FBI deputy.

To understand how this works, let’s give one of Netanyahu’s most striking diplomatic victories as an example.

The case was in late 2009 during the difficult relations between Tel Aviv and Paris, which at that time strongly supported Damascus. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kushner, meeting with Netanyahu, muttered grimly that “Israel doesn’t seem to want peace.”

Soon, the Jerusalem magazine Zionism- Israel told its readers: “We are used to French diplomats making strange remarks about our “little shitty country”.

Thus, the French Foreign Minister began the conversation with Netanyahu with a demonstration of discontent in order to prepare a “public flogging” of Bibi during the upcoming visit of the then President of the Fifth Republic Nicolas Sarkozy. Suddenly, the Israeli Prime Minister offered to meet with the Syrian leader Assad under the guarantee of Paris to make peace. And in Damascus, a government meeting on tightening relations with Tel Aviv was held.

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Naturally, the answer “no” followed from the neighboring country, after which Netanyahu asked a counter-question to Sarkozy: “Who does not want peace?” Against this background, France was forced to voice its displeasure with Assad, with the well-known Arab portal Al Jazeera saying: “Syria rejects negotiations with Israel,” so it is preparing for war with the Jewish state.

As a result, the espionage story ended with a terrible civil war in the ATS and the de facto withdrawal from the political arena of Damascus, as the capital of regional power, standing, by the way, on a par with Ankara in 2009. Where is Turkey now and where is Syria? Today, even the Golan Heights has ceased to be a matter of dispute, becoming a de facto Jewish territory.

This became possible, first of all, because of the leakage of operational information from the political top of the ATS. Tellingly, around the same time, Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, ordered the “wiretapping” of his phones, including cellphones, as well as hacking into computers. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

Soon there was information about a special “blue tent” with a level of 100% security of radio communication, in which Obama conducted secret negotiations. It was sometimes installed even in the White House, including noise generators. The leader of the “greatest country” was afraid not only of cellular “stingrays” but also of microphones, which could be carried discreetly by advisers or subordinates.

Incidentally, the increased security measures ordered by Obama coincided with a sharp deterioration in his relations with Netanyahu, to the point that the then black leader of America threatened to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Thus, it is safe to talk about at least a decade of cell phone hacking near the residences of heads of state, including even the United States.

Today, Harris Corporation, headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, is the undisputed leader in the production of smart stingrays, which cannot be detected by the technical means of most countries. Its main customers are 17 U.S. intelligence agencies, including the FBI, Military Intelligence, CIA, NSA, Department of Homeland Security and so on.

So: spy devices found near the White House, in many ways resembled professional “stingrays” Harris, the price tag – $150,000. per unit. Apparently, they were supplied only by one foreign secret service – Mossad. In this regard, Politico writes that in January 2010, the liquidation in Dubai of Mahmoud al-Mabhuh, the leader of Hamas, was made possible by the leak of information from telephone conversations of Palestinian leaders. Back then, no one, except the Americans, owned such sophisticated technologies to replace cell towers transmitters. And, of course, their Israeli allies. Of course, it is easier to dismiss the threat with the words “we can’t do that,” “yes, we’re so encrypted that no one will understand,” and in general, “we’re the smartest.” However, knowing how weak the country’s domestic production base of nano-electronics and software industry, it is hard to believe that the Moscow special services are able to identify high-tech “bugs” from Mossad and Harris Corporation.

They probably don’t stand in Putin’s office. But near the government building, you can easily expect such surprises.

Even Americans, according to Politico, took 11 months to spot the cunning StingRays near the White House. And this despite the fact that the de facto developer is a state company, which, in fact, helps the FBI and the CIA to search for miniature “cell towers simulators.” Plus, Netanyahu is acting suspiciously like Putin’s best friend, realizing that the Russian leader is “in the heart” of him. It reminds him of his “particularly close relationship” with Trump.