“There, the police beat democratically. With respect for human rights.

By | May 29, 2020

In Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey has introduced a state of emergency for 72 hours.
The reason was the riots, which local residents staged because of the death of an African-American after contact with the police. The authorities felt that the speech threatened to escalate into a riot. The official order said that the residents and guests under the threat of “serious injury or death.”

In conversation with our publication, political scientist Armen Gasparyan aptly described democracy in the United States.
Protests in New York ended in arrests
“There’s police beat democratic. With the observance of human rights. With all due respect, perhaps you break the face. And we have you under white ruchenki totalitarian conduct on the bus. Give you the opportunity to write on Twitter and Telegram about how you are languishing under torture, sitting in the bus, and so on. This is the traditional scheme, it is not now born. She is already scared to say how many years. This is the beginning of the end of the restructuring. What we have the police – she’s evil, she’s right does not comply, and here, in the West treat everybody well,” said Gasparyan.

According to him, this opinion was formed back in the ‘ 90s, was maintained at zero, and in the past decade – in total, more than 30 years.
The UN reacted to the death of a black man in the United States
“You try on police to raise their hand in America. It’s the last thing you have time to do, he just shoots. You will not be arrested, no you will not lead in any area. Here, we’ve died yesterday the so-called human rights activist Mokhnatkin, is serving five years in prison for what he two officers were hit. In our totalitarian despotism, he was serving a prison sentence. In America, it would be shot like a dog without a second word. As soon as he swung. He didn’t even hit me, he just swung on a COP would just shoot. It’s all very hard, from this point of view. Nevertheless, we are told, there is a democracy, and we have…” – continues Gasparyan.

Moreover, incidents such as the Minneapolis, according to Gasparyan, I will not get brains from the liberals in Russia are not young people.

“I do think we need to take lessons in democracy from the United States. Here, once. Once, so to speak, to warn all the guys, following your event – we act as in the United States. Now, who does not believe – here is footage of CNN. Mentally prepare for this. And that’s all. Here, thus, to reach the brain. But otherwise, no. I can tell you. How many times I got in the dashing 90-ies under police batons? Then you have a long time no desire at all to do it,” – said Gasparyan.

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