There was shooting at a party in the USA, there are victims

There was shooting at a party in the USA, there are victims

In addition to the victims and victims of the shooting, five more people were hit by cars.

In the state of North Carolina, in the city of Charlotte, shooting occurred, as a result of which two people were killed and at least seven were injured. It is reported by the AR on Monday, June 22.

Local police chief Johnny Jennings said that two were killed, seven were injured by bullets, and five were hit by cars when they tried to escape after the shooting started.

The cops arrived at the scene of an emergency on a call about a downed pedestrian. There, police found hundreds of people who gathered at a street party, and eyewitnesses told them about the shooting.

So far, the detentions are unknown. The police suggest that there were several shooters.

According to journalists, there was a lot of confusion on the spot and several media employees were injured in clashes with scattering people or lost their cameras.

Recall that in the United States as a result of shooting in Alabama, seven people were killed.

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Earlier it was reported that in the park of the American city of Fort Worth (Texas) at least five people were injured during the shooting.