There was shooting at the US Air Force base, there are dead

There was shooting at the US Air Force base, there are dead

The base command promises to publish the names of the dead in a day, an investigation is underway.
The shooting incident occurred on Monday, June 1 at the Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. This is stated in the message of the command of the base.
The shooting began at 4:30 am local time, as a result, at least two servicemen were killed, their names are promised to be made public in a day.
“The emergency services of the base responded to the incident, restrained it, and believe that at present there is no risk for other personnel,” the report said. Grand Forks also reported that an investigation was underway.
Recall that the shooting at the checkpoint of the US Navy base occurred on May 21, and a US Navy soldier was wounded. She was initially hospitalized but was later discharged. The man who opened fire was killed in a shootout. The pilots of the US Navy are trained at this base.

And in December last year, as a result of firing at the Pensacola air base, three people were killed and eight were injured. An unknown who opened fire was killed by police officers who arrived at the scene. It was later reported that the attack was carried out by a Saudi military.

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