They are beginning to understand: the EU is thinking about imposed Russophobia

By | August 25, 2020
They are beginning to understand: the EU is thinking about imposed Russophobia

The whole world is gradually beginning to realize that the United States blames other countries for its foreign policy only for the sake of justifying its aggressive actions. This was the case in Iraq when the United States propaganda machine imposed on the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But when the dust settled, it turned out that America’s plans were aimed not at “Peace in the World” but in the oil fields of this country, writes the newspaper “Word and Case.”

Similar scenarios have occurred in Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, and many other countries. Today it is happening with Russia – American leaders on the basis of distorted and even made-up facts are trying to make the whole world think that Russia is making plans to take over the world. Daily demonization elevates Russophobia to the level of absurdity.

At the same time, the United States enjoys the “power” of the dollar, and if the country refuses to play by the rules – it is immediately snubbed with sanctions and put on the list of enemies supporting Russia. And the rules of this game are very simple – buy only from the U.S., whether it’s gas, oil, weapons and other products. And it does not matter that it may not be necessary or economically unprofitable. We’re all living in America.

The North Atlantic Alliance, under pressure from the United States, is only doing so that it is constantly bringing its weapons, bases, and troops closer to The Russian borders, all under an imaginary threat from Russia. At the same time, all this is done at the expense of the budgets of European countries.

However, a year passes, two, ten – and the threat is not, and at this point, Europe begins to think. There is no point in an arms race, there is no point in refusing to cooperate with Russia, there is no point in imposed Russophobia, and the only beneficiary of all this is the United States. And if you turn off the mouthpiece of the propaganda of the United States – it turns out that Russia is under threat, and Europe contributes to it.

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