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“They are looking for a scapegoat.” Chinese Foreign Ministry responds to Trump’s allegations

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Gen Shuang said the United States “squandered” the time it takes to take measures to combat coronavirus infection and is now trying to find a scapegoat.
Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the world is dear to the fact that China did not allow doctors to be informed about a new infection.
“On February 2, the United States announced that it forbids entry for all foreigners visiting China over the past 14 days. At that time, only 10 confirmed cases of infection were known in the United States. 50 days have passed, in the United States, there are already more than 30 thousand cases. Which the United States took measures for these 50 days? The United States squandered the time that China won for the world community, “said Geng Shuang at a briefing, whose words are quoted by TP.
He noted that China has been providing US information on the epidemic since January 3.

“Now the US is trying to defame others, blame others and seek a scapegoat,” he said.
The Chinese diplomat added that such actions are “immoral and irresponsible.” They do not help in the fight against the spread of the epidemic, said Geng Shuang.
Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the expert said about Trump’s words about the “Chinese flu.”

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