“They return Crimea and pay repatriation to Ukraine”

By | June 1, 2020
“They return Crimea and pay repatriation to Ukraine”

The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk said that “nothing is impossible,” commenting on the idea of ​​returning Crimea. He spoke about this in an interview with journalist Ales Batsman, the issue was published on YouTube.
The journalist asked if the current head of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, should contact the signatories of the Budapest memorandum – Great Britain and the United States.
“And say:“ Friends, look, do you really want to lift the sanctions from Russia? ” Let’s be honest, you want to trade with them, you want to have things in common, let me help you. Go to Putin, let Putin return the Crimea to us, and leave Donbas. You and Putin will agree on how you will share finances and pay repatriation to Ukraine, and please lift the sanctions, ”said Batman.

She asked Kravchuk if this could happen in reality.
“Well, nothing is possible. But in this case, without having done the appropriate training in battle, any actions may not lead to success, ”he replied.
The ex-president said that the idea of ​​Batsman must first be discussed “diplomatically at some levels.” In his opinion, if Zelensky starts this, nothing will come of it, since “the soil is not ready”

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