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Turkey expects to close the start of the “Turkish stream” to ensure its national economy with the necessary energy – said the lead researcher, Center for Asian studies Alex Obrazovanja thread “Turkish stream” will soon begin to work
The fact is that Gazprom expects the first gas supply via the Turkish stream in the last decade of 2019, and we can already say that the marine part of this project is fully ready, and as for the land, it is actively implemented.

The sea part of the project was laid by the Russian side, and here the readiness is equal to 100 percent, and as for the land part, Turkey is responsible for it. Today, the level of readiness is 73.5 percent, and in November this project will be fully ready.

“As for the position of Turkey, it “and want, and pricked.” After all, it is obvious that the Turkish economy is very much lacking hydrocarbons, which is recognized there at any political level, including the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan,” says Samples.

Just without the development of the industry with such demographic growth, which is now taking place in Turkey, can not solve the problems that exist in the economy of the country. Indeed, in Turkey recorded a population increase at almost 4-5% a year, and we know that in 2011 demographic explosions led States in the Middle East.

“Accordingly, the Turks need production capacity tied to hydrocarbons. At the same time, Turkey does not have its own hydrocarbons, so it is not surprising that the Turks today butt with Greece and Cyprus because of the Cyprus deposits,” concludes the Samples.

The conversation here is about possible deposits on the shelf of Cyprus, the exact amount of which has not yet been established. And here the factor that has played a role is that since 1974 there has been a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Cyprus, which is recognized by no one except Turkey itself, but which is the subject of constant conflicts between Turks, Greeks, and Cypriots.

“However, if we take the position of the Russian side on the “Turkish stream”, then we would definitely like to have more speed from our Turkish partners since the ground part of this project is somewhat late,” — sums up the Samples.

After all, without the receiving capacities that will ensure the delivery of gas to the final consumer, the marine infrastructure of the first line of the Turkish stream will not be able to work, because in this case there will simply be nowhere to supply gas.

The Russian side has completed all the work on the Maritime part of the Turkish stream»
“This, unfortunately, is part of the Turkish tradition – “to hurry slowly”, because initially, Gazprom hoped that the Turks will cope with this project faster, which would reduce the volume of current difficulties with the launch of the “Turkish stream”, — States Samples.

Russia is more interested in the second line of the “Turkish stream»

As Alexey Vasilyevich notes, all this correlates with the fact that the initial energy plans of the Turks to create a gas hub for gas supplies from Russia and the Middle East to the European market are far from being implemented. This applies both to the sources of gas and the fact that nothing has been decided yet with the continuation of the “Turkish stream” to Europe, although there is a certain movement here.

Recall that the “Turkish stream” is two gas pipelines with a total capacity of 15.75 billion cubic meters of gas each, the first of which should feed the domestic Turkish market, and the second – to supply gas to the energy market of the European Union.

“Here we need to wait for when the second branch of the Turkish stream will be built, and what it will be. After all, it is possible that it will be longer but laid around Turkey. Here, in fact, there are many options,” concludes Samples.

To date, the most real of them is the sinking of the second line of the “Turkish stream” to Turkey, and then the alteration in the opposite direction of the old gas infrastructure, through which Russian gas is supplied to this country by land. It offers a route from Turkey to Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia to the Austrian hub “Baumgarten”. Interconnectors are already being built for this purpose.

“Obviously, the Turks “jumps and grimaces” will complete its part of the “Turkish stream”, about the same as its largest airport in Europe in Istanbul, which was also planned by Ankara as a transport hub for the whole of Europe,” — sums up the Samples.

Here it is necessary to pay attention to the logic of Turkey, which is characteristic of the historical Middle East trade. So, this country clearly shares close and long-term goals, and the basis for Ankara is to obtain gas for its own economy.

“The Turks want first of all to provide themselves with cheap and reliable gas, and as for the branch that will pass through this country, the Turks are well aware that not everything is simple, so they are calm about this project,” States Obraztsov.

In fact, the Turks can rest where they need it, and sometimes under American pressure, as they have shown in the deal on complexes, which acquired for them not even military, but political significance.

Thus, within the second line of the Turkish stream, the Turks will also show consistency.

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