ThinkBook Pods Pro – the first “earmuffs” for PC work

ThinkBook Pods Pro - the first

Lenovo has long been known for its unconventional solutions. And just recently, it introduced another one. These are ThinkBook Pods Pro in-ear headphones. It would seem that who can be surprised by such an accessory because new products in this category appear almost every day? However, do not make hasty conclusions. These headphones are special because they are “sharpened” not only for use with your phone but also for work with your computer!

Such an approach has never been used before and the company took a certain risk. At the same time, this new product could be in demand amid the rapid development of video conferencing services and the transition of some employees to remote work. The headphones are completely wireless and compact. The main thing Lenovo stakes on is user-friendliness. According to the manufacturer, receiving and rejecting calls during an active videoconference can be done by pressing just one button.

Another convenience factor is the USB transceiver, which provides a fast and stable connection to the computer via radio, similar to what we are used to using wireless mice and keyboards. It is also emphasized that the product has received full certification and meets the requirements of such popular video conferencing services as Microsoft Skype and Teams.

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Additionally, users will appreciate the light-weight nature of the headset: the headphones weigh in at only 3.57 grams. However, from the compactness comes a disadvantage of ThinkBook Pods Pro, which on closer examination may be the only one. The fact is that the small size of the case did not allow to place a high-capacity battery. This affected the autonomy, which does not exceed 2 hours.