This device allows you to keep fit during sedentary work.

This device allows you to keep fit during sedentary work.

Modern people are often employed on so-called “sedentary” work. As a result, people are much less physically active, which leads to such sad consequences as overweight and various chronic diseases, incorrect posture, the curvature of the spine. To deal with this, of course, possible, but time is such a struggle is sorely lacking. Many do not have time to devote a morning run and an evening workout at the fitness center, but also for personal life.

And what do they have to live and work, acquiring the disease? Now, when the device Fitwork Station, of course not. It is an advanced Desk combined with a treadmill, a chair, and an exercise bike. The idea is to keep yourself in good shape without separation from work. The idea was interesting and it is implemented. How it works is shown in the video. But if you are too lazy to watch it, you can just read about Fitwork Station.

It turns out that many works, such as reading email or viewing invoices, you can do the moving, not less well than sitting. You get a double benefit – the work goes on as usual, and calories burned during activities. As soon as it requires concentration on something important, the treadmill stops and the button appears comfortable chair where you can rest before the new race.

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But who came up with such a great idea? The authorship belongs to the businessman from Utah Brian Oaks. He underwent two complex operations on the back and a working place became for him a chance of rehabilitation. Then his idea became a project, which was launched on the Kickstarter platform. Investors will soon get their Fitwork Station is just 400 euros.