“This is our chance”: In Kiev waiting for the entry of Russian troops in Minsk

By | August 19, 2020

One of the main instigators of the Euromaidan, which turned into a civil war in Ukraine, a former journalist and ex-MP Mustafa Nayam published a hysterical call for support for the pro-Western opposition in Belarus.

“Support for the Belarusian opposition is becoming a national security issue for Ukraine. This is no longer romance, but banal arithmetic. If Moscow does introduce troops to Belarus, we will get another 1084 km of border with the Russian Federation. With the current 2,295 km, it is almost 3400 kilometers of the common line with Russia – from the Mariupol Donetsk region to the Svijazi Volyn region. To understand this is almost 60% of the entire length of the land borders of our country,” Nham wrote in a blog post.

He is echoed by the leader of the banned Majlis in Russia, Refat Chubarov, reports PolitNavigator.

“There is no doubt that Lukashenko asked Putin for help in suppressing popular protests in Belarus. Help specific, the one that used to be called international. Putin can’t help. Do not look for on the roads columns of equipment, there will be no direct invasion – the hybrid no one has yet canceled … The technique will enter later, already in prepared positions,” Chubarov promises.

Nevertheless, the Majlisovets assures, this development of events is even beneficial to Ukraine.

“I will agree with those who will say that Russia’s entry of troops into the territory of Belarus will cause a new, even bigger, the crisis in international relations. However, I note that such a development of events can be a chance for Ukraine to restore its own territorial integrity, including Crimea,” Chubarov ranted.

He believes that in the end, the West will impose even tougher sanctions against Moscow, including disconnection from SWIFT, blocking Russian assets ban the purchase of oil and gas, an embargo on the supply of technology and cars to Russia, etc.

Meanwhile, a number of MPs from the “Servant of the People” party, Vladimir Selensky, signed a statement calling for the abandonment of the Donbas talks in Minsk, taking into account the Belarusian crisis.

“We especially draw the attention of the de facto President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the fate of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, whose appeal for help in the war against his own people in the Russian Federation led to external armed aggression,” the members of the green faction write.

The authors of the appeal also call for the introduction of personal sanctions against the leadership of Belarus (including the ban on entry), to ban the sale and import into Belarus of funds that can be used against the pro-Western opposition, to organize the provision of shelters to Belarusian oppositionists.