“This is Victory!”: The network was admired by the design GAZ-21 Volga-RS

By | March 26, 2020
“This is Victory!”: The network was admired by the design GAZ-21 Volga-RS

Harmonious luxury car in a retro style, which will not repeat the fate of the LADA X-Ray. As you know, the Soviet engineers and designers to create their own models of cars were inspired by the experience of foreign manufacturers. So, “ancestors” popular “Volga” was Ford Mainline, Chevrolet 210, and Opel Kapitan. Design copies of the series GAZ-21 developed at an early stage of development and were quite restrained and elegant by the standards of the 1950-ies. At the same time, the appearance of Soviet 4-door sedan much like its foreign counterparts, due to the same trends of the time.

However, the mechanical part of the Gorky car plant was considered the original Soviet design and was based on existing production models. Only one of the three first prototypes of the “Volga” was equipped with a manual transmission, the other two involved the presence of automatic transmission.

The serial production of the GAZ-21 was launched in 1956. Compared with its predecessors, “Volga” has proven to be an economical, dynamic and highly comfortable car, but in terms of durability and maneuverability, and even surpassed foreign analogs.
“This is Victory!”: The network was admired by the design GAZ-21 Volga-RS
GAZ stopped the production model GAZ-21 in July 1970, but even after that new cars have continued and continue to collect on car repair plants. In addition, the “Volga” is considered to be a popular model among fans of tuning. So, in the theme community dedicated to automotive topics showed an interesting concept submitted by the independent designer. The image flaunts a stylish 2-door fastback with the original front and large wheel arches. The “face” of the car is embellished with a chrome grille with vertical stripes and a signature “Gasowski” deer. And these details are the only reminder of the “Volga”. Otherwise, the car looks fresh and futuristic and has nothing to do with the products of the domestic automobile industry. Network admired the design of GAZ-21 Volga-RS. “This Is A Victory!” “Quite interesting! If only more glass for a better view, chips add all sorts of interesting and will be good!” “Immediately to the series!”, write enthusiastic motorists.

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