This synthetic eye is more than a webcam!


Our life is such that people are never alone. Even when it seems to them that there is no one around. Most of us are constantly watched by the gaze of cameras, and microphones of smart home systems listen to our breathing even at night. There is no one to blame for this. People themselves decided to surround themselves with technology and gadgets. But sometimes it becomes scary from the total attention of technology to your own person.

What if we made the technique more human? For example, a webcam can be made in the shape of a human eye. Most likely, many people think about it, but Marc Teissier, a scientist and engineer, went beyond ordinary thoughts. He decided to find a way to make the camera look as close to the eye as possible. And, we must give him his due, he was very successful in this. He created an “eye camera”, a device that externally mimics a section of a human face, the functionality of which is identical to that of a camera.

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In fact, it is a synthetic eye that can blink, squint, and close. He is able to express emotions. It can be picked up and placed above the monitor. And such an eye will watch all your steps all the time. Despite the fact that this webcam does not differ much from its counterparts in terms of capabilities, people’s attitude towards it becomes completely different. The style of interaction is changing and people treat such a “webcam” as an intelligent creature.